Understanding Metaphors for Better Insights

Journal of Marketing Research Scholarly Insights are produced in partnership with the AMA Doctoral Students SIG – a shared interest network for Marketing PhD students across the world. Textual data analysis is a powerful tool for gleaning insights from the wealth of information generated across various consumer and market contexts. However, traditional automated approaches often … ادامه

Building an AI-empowered Marketing Organization

The must-read guide for marketing leaders who want to empower their teams in the AI Era and positively shape the future of marketing.  Marketing leaders have a unique opportunity to impact and drive corporate strategy in this era of AI-driven innovation. In early 2023, BlueOcean gathered marketing executives from leading brands at a workshop to … ادامه

The New Paradigm in Volunteering—And How Nonprofits Can Adapt to “Neither-Growing-nor-Fading” Brand Relationships

Volunteers stand as vital pillars in the operation and survival of nonprofit organizations. Across the globe, over 850 million volunteers give their time to support a variety of causes, according to a 2021 report by United Nations Volunteers. Traditionally, volunteers were thought to be motivated by the altruistic act of giving, and many chose nonprofits … ادامه

Outsource Delivery or Build Your Own Service? A New Study Finds Companies That Rely on Their Own Logistics Increase Sales and Customer Trust

Last-mile home delivery is now a priority for many online retailers. An increasing number of online retailers have invested billions of dollars to build their own delivery services (ODS) to deliver products to customers’ homes through their own logistics network. For example, Ocado, a leading online grocer in the U.K., launched its ODS in 2000; … ادامه

A New Study Analyzes the Language Used by Top Management Teams to Predict When They’ll Prioritize Short-Term Gain over Long-Term Health

After Dell Inc. went private in 2013, its founder Michael Dell spoke about “an affliction of short-term thinking that drove a wedge between our customer and investor priorities” and how “shareholders increasingly demanded short-term results to drive returns…” A 2021 survey of 500 global executives, jointly conducted by McKinsey and Focusing Capital on the Long … ادامه

Unleash the Power of Acquisition Email: 2024 Edition

Discover hidden truths and optimize your email strategy for maximum ROI. Don’t let email myths cost you leads. Many businesses fall victim to common acquisition email myths and settle for lackluster results. Our 2024 Acquisition Email Report dives deep into the world of acquisition emails, shedding light on these misconceptions and revealing data-driven strategies for … ادامه

The State of Consumer Insights 2024: Strategies for Marketing Success

Discover how to leverage consumer insights to stay ahead in 2024. Learn the latest strategies for maximizing ROI and making informed marketing decisions. In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, staying ahead of consumer trends and maximizing ROI requires more than just intuition; it demands actionable insights driven by data. As we navigate through 2024, understanding … ادامه

Proactive Consumer Insights for Market Leadership

Transform Data into Real-Time Strategic Marketing Success Stay ahead in today’s tech-driven market with proactive consumer insights. This whitepaper highlights the shift from reactive feedback to understanding consumer motivations deeply. Discover how to integrate insights into business strategies, optimize ROI, and use advanced survey tools effectively. Learn the importance of continuous, real-time consumer connections to … ادامه

I’m Not Listening! Disabling Social Media Comments Makes Celebrities and Influencers Less Persuasive and Likable

Celebrities and influencers like Addison Rae, Hailey Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and even Oprah have, on various occasions, disabled access to their social media comments in response to negative sentiment. Is this misguided? The answer is yes, according to our Journal of Marketing study. We find that influencers who disable social media comments are less persuasive … ادامه

How Do I Choose When I Sort of Like Both? Using Cursor Tracking to Understand How Consumers Analyze Brand Versus Product Attributes

In every single thing that you do in your life, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices. Dr. Kathleen Hall Consumers are bombarded with countless choices every day, and our purchase decisions are almost always influenced by a complex web of factors—two of which are product desirability and brand desirability. … ادامه