How Marketers Measure “Willingness to Pay” Is Flawed—Now There’s a Better Way

At the grocery store, a customer may be willing to pay $18 for a bottle of Riesling when comparing it to a $15 bottle of Chardonnay. However, if that customer learns that the Chardonnay is on sale for $12, they may not be willing to pay $18 for the Riesling. Another customer may only be … ادامه

Insights from 300 Revenue Leaders

91% of revenue leaders have reported that their deals have become more competitive this year.  Learn how top leaders are navigating competitive markets and closing their competitive revenue gap. We spoke with over 300 revenue leaders to understand how they’re navigating difficult market conditions. Deals and renewals are heating up. There are more people chasing … ادامه

A New Marketing Tool Analyzes Nonverbal Communication Cues in Text

Journal of Marketing Research Scholarly Insights are produced in partnership with the AMA Doctoral Students SIG – a shared interest network for Marketing PhD students across the world. “All language is but a poor translation” Franz Kafka With the exponentially increasing volumes of rich, written textual data generated via consumer–brand interactions in online spaces, harnessing … ادامه

The Power of Simple Packaging for Consumable Products

Designing products is both an art and a science. Companies have found that bringing together many visual elements in product design—with multiple colors, text, and illustrations incorporated in the packaging—can lead to enhanced brand engagement. However, in the last few years, consumers have increasingly desired more minimalist aesthetics.  In a recent Journal of Marketing study, … ادامه

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

Learn more about your customer journey and understand your customers better than ever before Designing, building, and continuously refining a customer journey map is no easy feat. Download this comprehensive guide to learn: How to effectively structure a customer journey map and pinpoint where your company can improve the customer experience How to launch a … ادامه

Consumers Don’t Want “Corrective” Content After Exposure to Human Suffering

Journal of Marketing Research Scholarly Insights are produced in partnership with the AMA Doctoral Students SIG – a shared interest network for Marketing PhD students across the world. Read the Full Study for Complete Details A: Yes, our research suggests that after viewing human suffering, people would rather see things like charitable appeals rather than … ادامه

How Do Investors React to Crowdsourcing Contests?

Hui Feng is Associate Professor, Iowa State University, USA. We define a marketing ideation crowdsourcing contest (or MICC) as an open tournament-based call for ideas and solutions for marketing-related problems. In an MICC, a firm first broadcasts a call describing the marketing problem to be solved and any rules for the contestants. The firm then … ادامه

A New Approach to Brand Measurement for Social & Influencer Campaigns

Common brand measurement methods are falling flat with either skewed results, or an incomplete picture of impact. Within this white paper, discover how to:  Deploy targeted brand lift studies to exposed and engaged social and influencer audiences for unprecedented insights Leverage unparalleled brand health tracking tools to understand changes in brand sentiment over time, empowering … ادامه

Transform Your Marketing Challenges into Opportunities

As marketers, we face relentless pressure to drive business growth and confront a host of challenges in elevating performance—attributing results, justifying budgets, integrating data, aligning with sales, adapting to behavior, scaling personalization, managing channels and the list goes on. To succeed, you’ll need solutions that empower you with a competitive edge. At Allison, we see … ادامه