When B2B Buying Groups Shape Buyer–Supplier Relationships

Journal of Marketing Research Scholarly Insights are produced in partnership with the AMA Doctoral Students SIG – a shared interest network for Marketing PhD students across the world. Buying groups or purchasing cooperatives, a.k.a. group purchasing organizations (GPOs), work together to leverage their collective purchasing power to get discounts from suppliers. They are common across … ادامه

What Is the Role of Marketing in Disrupted Health Care Markets? It’s Time to Move Beyond Conventional Strategies to Account for New Actors, Roles, and Exchanges

Health care is vital to our interconnected world and, as demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, societies are deeply affected by its successes and failings. Over the last decade, health care has been disrupted on both the demand and supply sides, and these changes have impacted the creation, provision, and consumption of health care in fundamental … ادامه

Should Hospitals Specialize in an Area or Diversify? The Impact of Hospital Portfolios on Patient Demand

We define a hospital’s portfolio strategy across two dimensions: focus, which is the depth of expertise within a category and related focus, which is the breadth of expertise across related categories. While the effects are significant and substantive, it is also important to know why they are so. We demonstrate that portfolio strategy can act … ادامه

Limited-Time Offers Are a Marketing Mainstay—But Online Consumers Aren’t Interested

Go to the Journal of Marketing Research A: Our study focuses on persuasion knowledge activation, predicting that online time scarcity promotions activate more persuasion knowledge than identical control promotions. Despite its theoretical importance and practical usefulness, persuasion knowledge is not the only difference between offline and online retail contexts that might affect offline-to-online promotion translation. The … ادامه

Should National Brand Manufacturers Enter the Intensely Competitive Private Label Business?

On the flip side, despite the increase in relative distribution depth, we find no corresponding boost in the relative share of dual branders’ national brands at the retailer. This may seem odd, but it is important to remember that increasing distribution depth is under the control of the retailer, but an increase in sales is … ادامه

Taking Personalization Beyond the Status Quo

Remember when “personalization” simply meant adding someone’s name to your subject line? Yeah, marketers know that doesn’t cut it anymore. Grab this guide to learn how you can level-up personalized marketing campaigns for your brand. It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream! Download منبع

How Circular Take-Back Programs Enhance Consumer Valuation

Anna Tari is a doctoral candidate in marketing, Boston University, USA. Across eight experiments in which we study a variety of products and use externally valid take-back program promotional materials, we find that people ascribe more valuation to circular program products. The increase in valuation is due to a factor unique to circular program products: … ادامه