Choosing The Perfect Marketing Automation Platform For Your Business

Comparing the Top 5 Marketing Automation Platforms and the business cases they suit best. On a quest to find the best marketing automation platform (MAP) for your organization? MA software can be a major investment. But, when done right, it has the power to transform your marketing processes, and scale your business like never before.  … ادامه

Call for Papers | Journal of Interactive Marketing: Advancing Interactive Marketing Through Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

Emerging technologies, novel data-driven analytics, and rapidly growing AI capabilities are reshaping the marketing landscape, introducing new opportunities and challenges for consumers, businesses, ecosystems, and societies. With this rapid digital transformation, understanding the complex implications necessitates a cross-disciplinary approach. A nuanced comprehension of these changes extends beyond traditional marketing paradigms and requires incorporating insights from … ادامه

Research Shows Influencers with Smaller Followings Are More Cost-Effective

Read the Full Study for Complete Details Interestingly, our results do not negate past findings that favor macro-influencers. We propose that the rapid growth of social media platforms and the subsequent increase in followership sizes have led to a shift in the influencer landscape. What was once considered a macro-influencer is now potentially falling into … ادامه

A Better Way to Provide Precommitment Offers: First “Now,” Then “Later”

A: All the authors were really focused on the fact that we were communicating something that was potentially complex. We spent a lot of time trying to reduce complexity and make it as understandable as possible. Making the abstract concrete is probably the best strategy. Although “sequential” and “simultaneous” are nice words and accurate words, … ادامه

Call for Papers | Journal of Interactive Marketing: Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Sajtos, L., B.G. Voyer, M. Sangle-Ferriere, and B. Sung (2020), “Algorithmic Decision-Making, Agency and Autonomy in a Financial Decision Making Context: An Experiment,” ACR North American Advances. Allen, B.J., Deepa Chandrasekaran, and Suman Basuroy (2018), “Design Crowdsourcing: The Impact on New Product Performance of Sourcing Design Solutions from the ‘Crowd,’” Journal of Marketing, 82 (2), 106–23. Jochen Wirtz … ادامه

How Coining a New Term Can Encourage Specific Behaviors

While we introduce “behavioral labeling” and provide initial evidence for its effectiveness, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this interesting new area. We hope that our findings spark additional research and new marketing practices in this intriguing domain.

Highly Effective Ads Can Backfire for Consumers Who Opt-In to Ad Tracking

W. Jason Choi, Kinshuk Jerath, and Miklos Sarvary (2023), “Consumer Privacy Choices and (Un)Targeted Advertising Along the Purchase Journey,” Journal of Marketing Research, 60 (5). doi:10.1177/00222437221140052. Read the Full Study for Complete Details Yang Gao is a doctoral student in marketing, Cornell University, USA. منبع The research shows that although ad tracking can improve ad relevance, … ادامه

Striking the Right Balance Between Big and Small Influencers in Livestream Commerce

From: Xian Gu, Xiaoxi Zhang, and P. K. Kannan, “Influencer Mix Strategies in Livestream Commerce: Impact on Product Sales,” Journal of Marketing. Livestream commerce has exploded in the last few years. Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube have introduced livestream shopping services on their respective social platforms. Amazon launched Amazon Live in 2019 and the company now … ادامه