How the Field Must Change to Keep Producing Relevant, Timely Knowledge

Our research offers important implications for the marketing field: Our documentation of the temporal development of marketing scholarship over the past 32 years indicates that the field does not suffer from an overall lack of theorizing efforts. Instead, our analysis suggests that the field has shifted toward certain types of contributions and that this shift … ادامه

The Four Steps of Effective Brand Research

The other benefit is that it provides hard numbers that can help increase buy-in for branding or marketing recommendations. An intensive brand strategy can take a lot of investment, but if you have data to back it up, it’ll be easier to more confidently prove the benefits of going in one direction over another. It’s … ادامه

AI-Powered Marketing for Black Friday Success

Download our latest e-book to get key marketing insights and tips and learn how to leverage Brevo’s features to get the most out of your Black Friday marketing campaign, and every campaign.  Download Here Sign up for a Brevo Account منبع Black Friday is approaching, and as one of the biggest shopping days of the … ادامه

One Simple Tweak Can Make Referral Programs More Effective

Arwen Matos-Wood is a doctoral student in marketing, Kennesaw State University, USA. A: Our theory posits that upon learning about an incentivized referral program, referrers tend to perceive the referring action as an exchange activity incompatible with the communal norms regarding the interaction between friends, leading to negative feelings (a psychological barrier). Our finding suggests … ادامه

How Does a Digital-Native Brand Opening Its Own Physical Store Affect Sales in Existing Channels?

Brand stores are brick-and-mortar stores owned and operated by the manufacturer. They carry only the brand’s products and are designed to sell them profitably in a brand-centric environment. These stores offer physical exposure, which digital-native brands might struggle to attain on supermarket shelves given the steep competition from mass-market brands. Brand stores increase brand awareness, … ادامه