Competitive Intel Newsletter Guide & Template

Bring competitive intel to life by learning how to structure your newsletter, figuring out what intel you should include and how to clearly and concisely explain why it all matters.



But writing a GREAT competitive intel newsletter… not so easy. 

Industry best practices and real-life advice from ten Klue customers and experts.

In this guide, you’ll get:
🔥 The Ultimate Klue Competitive Intel Digest Template
🪜 Best practices on how to write a killer subject line, intro, and ‘why it matters’
🧠 Real-life advice from 10 Klue customers and experts who write the best intel newsletters in the business 

That’s why we put together a competitive intel newsletter guide with the help of Klue experts, customers and industry all-stars. 

Sending a competitive intel newsletter is the easiest way to distribute competitive intel across your organization.