Fostering Diversity and Impact for a Better Future

Through our over 40 awards, grants, scholarships and initiatives, we have the opportunity to honor, celebrate and amplify the many voices in our community. These are voices that span generations, experiences, backgrounds, and identities – and this is what makes the American Marketing Association unique. We are creating a space that not only equips professionals with the skills and resources they need to excel in this field, but we are also creating an invaluable community where regardless of gender, ethnicity, background, or experience, this is a place for marketers to grow, contribute, make a difference and move the field of marketing further- together. 

We have a responsibility to be responsible and to be an activist in our own way that’s true to our values and that fills an unfilled need. Each of us needs to be on the field, not on the sidelines,” Dr. Berry challenged. Gain knowledge, become an advocate and build a network because, he adds, “We can’t do anything important alone.” 

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This was evident over the fall when AMA CEO Bennie F. Johnson sat down with various members of our community to talk about their careers, paths, and journeys through the AMA and the future of marketing for the launch of an upcoming AMA podcast series. Colin Adams, Taylor Falls, Dr. Tracy Khan and Dr. Leonard Berry range from senior year marketing student to nearly five decades as a marketing professor. While they may have four vastly different stories and paths, they are all united by the sense of community found within the AMA and their passion for leveraging marketing to drive positive societal change, address critical challenges, and make a lasting impact on the public good. 

As we move through the holiday season and reflect on 2023, we are filled with gratitude for this community. We truly believe that the strength of our community lies in its diversity and inclusivity, and our mission as the American Marketing Association Foundation is to continue to foster connections and collaborations that bridge generations and backgrounds.

Together, we can transform the marketing landscape, address societal challenges, and make a lasting difference. When we look ahead to 2024, we are excited to continue building a more diverse, inclusive, and impactful marketing community. Your gift to the AMA Foundation directly supports initiatives that bridge gaps, foster collaboration and drive positive change to shape a better future.